Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ondrej Pavelec DUI
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07-17-2012, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by YWGinYYZ View Post
Can't turn back the clock and make this not happen. What will be telling is how Pavelec and TNSE respond to this regrettable incident. There are 3 options, IMHO:
  1. They attempt to sweep it under the carpet. Unlikely to happen.
  2. They do something positive together: have Pav make public amends through some form of community involvement against drunk driving.
  3. They terminate the relationship, if they truly didn't know that this incident was on the legal books during the contract negotiations.

I truly hope they choose #2. Thoughts? Am I missing #4, #5?
I'm thinking option # 1. They didn't really do/say anything when Buff was caught in his boating incident, at least nothing public. It will all probably be worked out internally and we will never hear about it again.

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