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07-17-2012, 07:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Rangers4Life74 View Post
just as much of an embarrasment.making the playoffs the past 2 seasons doesnt equal success when you have to slide in at the end of the season with a supposedly super talented team.only to get bounced out without much of a fight
Who ever said the Knicks were "super talented" last year? They improved from 42-40 to 36-30. They improved from 28th in the NBA in defense to 11th in the NBA in defense.

Were you expecting a championship last season?

They were beset by injuries all season and still came to within three games of the 3rd seed. The previous season they were 14 games from the 3rd seed.

I don't know what to tell you except to temper your expectations. If you want to ignore the progress they made just for the sake of being angry and pissed off, then be my guest.

its Mike Woodson.he had more talented teams with the Hawks and never got past the 1st round.this isnt Phil Jackson
Wrong. He did make it to the 2nd round twice in his last three years in Atlanta. And unlike Jackson, Woodson has proven he can take a losing team from the ground up and turn them in a 50-game winner. That would be a tremendous accomplishment for the franchise, who haven't won 50 games since 2000.

And you consider that a big enough improvement to have this team fighting for the division?you're off your rocker
See above. They finished three games out last season despite significant injuries. The division is a toss up.

Camby is 37 years old and the reason he only played 23 minutes a game is because hes so injury prone and fragile
Kidd:what is he,39 now?he was brought here for the main reason to mentor Lin.if hes not brought back,whats he going to mentor Felton on?How to say no to a twinkie?
Kurt Thomas:enough said
Ray Felton:does not work well in a halfcourt hand the ball to mr spotlight offense.hes shown that his whole career.
Prigioni:35 but compared to Kidd Camby and Thomas,hes a young 35.thats sad.
White:a guy whos bounced around from i cant recall how many different NBA teams along with overseas teams.
I never said "big improvement". But it is an improvement. Deny it all you want but the Knicks are a deeper team this year.

yeah,big improvement.i can easily see this team fighting for the division when Melo and STAT still havent shown they can work together.but i guess since we now got this awesome experienced bench,they will covr for the starters when they struggle.
That's what a bench does. It worked well for the Knicks under Woodson.

We've been hearing the same thing for years now.with a full training tired of the wait until's.its once again a roster full of different spare parts led by 2 superstars who cannot play well together.
you need to wake up
You've been hearing that for years? What years? I was referring to the short camp because of the strike. In what country do NBA teams consistently lack long training camps?

Like I said, I don't have high expectations, but my expectations after 2010 were slighter higher for 2011, and after 2012, my expectations are slightly higher for 2013.
I look at the Knicks as a work in progress. Unlike the previous 10 years, there has been progress.

and hes also big time injury prone at this point of his career and hes not going to get many minute at all in place of Chandler and Stat.unless,of course,Stat decides to beat up another fire extinguisher.hard to block shots and rebound when you will be on the bench for 30 minutes a night
He's a backup, and a good one. Chandler was playing almost 40 mins a game late in the season. Even if he plays 15 mins a game, it keeps Chandler fresh and doesnt hurt you defensively.

Yipee,we get a shell of his former self declining fast former all star as our backup.i've got goosebumps
He's a backup, and a very good one.

Felton/Kidd combined 2012 assists to turnovers 12.0 / 4.7

Lin / Davis combined 2012 assists to turnovers 10.9 / 6.2

That's an improvement.

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