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Originally Posted by BlackStar View Post
I bet you know very little about the character. That's not a Superman problem, that's a story problem. Look, Hulk and and even Thor are very powerful beings, but Marvel made them work on screen. How did they do so? The story! Or, more precise, the villain! Superman is going to be boring when the villain is the very very awful/ancient version of Lex Luther(he is a much much better character in modern comics).

Ofcourse Superman is going to look too powerful and boring when his enemy is just some bald guy who wants to make lots of money. This is why Nolan,Goyer, and Snyder went with Zod. Zod is the perfect villain for this reboot.

He is just as powerful as Superman, and he is the better fighter(since he was General in a Kryptonian army). Plus, there is Faora, who will also be a worthy opponent for Superman in the film. Plus, Superman will learn a lot about himself through Zod, which is perfect for a reboot.

Superman is powerful, but his enemies like Zod, Braniac, Doomsday, and Darkseid to name a few are just as strong, or stronger.
I've never been a big Supes fan. For me, similar characters like Thor and Hulk were just more exciting. Superman, too me, was an just an uber boy scout full of platitudes and sanctimony. Just never resonated with me. And then I watched Smallville and it gave a greater appreciation for the character. Smallville was uneven and campy as hell, but it also gave Clark an element of humanity that I hadn't really seen in the character before. He struggled with his powers; with his ego. There was a reluctance to even use them. He was isolated and alone because of his abilities. He just wanted to be normal, yet he was being pulled by forces greater than him to realize his destiny. And I appreciated those struggles. It was even put forth in the Earth One story. Clark leaves Smallville and heads to Metropolis to find himself. He's reluctant to be a hero. He contemplates using his abilities for personal financial gain. Again, it makes him more human. And I find that a much more entertaining version of the character.

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