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07-17-2012, 09:24 AM
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OT: Country Life: Laurentians vs Eastern Townships

Hey guys I'm looking for some input and advice from those of you who know the Laurentians or Eastern Townships very well. Whether you know it from travelling, or if you have (or had) a 2nd home, or if you live permanently... I'd appreciate your feedback and comparisons.

My brother and I have decided to go half half on a chalet/cottage purchase (likely after summer), but I'm having a bit of hard time in deciding whether the way to go is the Laurentians or Eastern townships. We obviously like lake side which is a bit more difficult of find in the eastern townships

Some pluses/minuses for both regions (IMO):

Black flies/mosquitos

One disadvantage I hear about the Laurentians are the black flies/mosquitos... If you live in the laurentians - how annoying are the bugs? Is this big enough of a deterrent to look in the eastern townships? Conversely, I was in the eastern townships last weekend and barely noticed any.


Also I know traffic back to montreal on sunday nights is deadly from up north but my return back home from the eastern townships this past sunday was pretty effortless.


Clearly, the Laurentians has a ton of lakes and opportunities

Pine trees, mountains, views (country environment)

I think up north has an advantage as it's more green, lots of mountains, great views... Townships seems a bit more like ''old country'', farms, rolling hills

Agree or disagree with my assessment? More importantly, I'm interested in your thoughts!

PS: Mods - I'd be very grateful if you can keep this open for a bit for discussion seeing how it's a bit dead and smack in the middle of summer

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