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Originally Posted by CKL889 View Post
This isnt the 70s, 80s, and 90s anymore. Teams are not winning multiple stanley cups. Even the powerhouse pens with all their tanking to get elite players have a hard time winning their 2nd cup in a decade.

You go out to win the Cup on a season by season mission. No GM is making trades to try to become the 80s oilers because frsnkly, its impossible. Teams are too even and you never know what can happen in the playoffs.

I cant even reply to the other post because it is so silly. A guy is upset with trades we made because he thinks we could have won multiple stanley cups instead of just one if we hadnt? I mean really now?
CM Lundqvist's post? I think the Rangers could have won the cup had they not made the trades regardless. In fact, I think the trades weakened the team. However, I likely wouldn't have cared that much around June 14, 11 PM ish....

However, we have the power of hindsight. Gartner was older but we did let go of some talent. He had a point about Weight but Tikkanen was still under 30 when we acquired him and played an important role. The Zubov trade and the 96 deadlines were bad trades and I do remember thinking so at the time. We had already won the cup. Ferraro was a good 2nd line center behind Messier. Losing Mattias Norstrom and Zubov in the summer before was a killer.

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