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Originally Posted by Dwight View Post
Since you're just starting, you probably won't be taking any actual Marketing classes until year 2.

You've probably got a few deficiencies to do (maybe ECON, DESC?) and then you'll have BS classes like COMM 210, COMM 212 where you will want to fall asleep in class because its so boring.

it gets better though, and congrats on getting in. I'm in Marketing as well, and am going into year 3 so feel free to PM me anytime with questions...or just post them here!

And what LL said is pretty valid too. At this level of schooling, the grades you get are based solely on how you perform. Of course there's stuff like bell curves, but with about 3 hours a week of a given class, it's all about your self-learning habits. Teachers, IMO, are there to clear stuff up and answer questions. Take the best schedule - I've had some badly "rated" teachers on ratemyprofs, but still did well. Plus, as you go further into your schooling, you won't have any choice BUT to take a certain class with a certain teacher at a certain time (when you get to your MARK classes, you'll see).

But if you want easy begins with CHEM 208.
I guess I should clarify...
I've already done a year in History, this is simply a program switch. I've done all the necessary math, DESC, ECON classes, including intro to marketing (MARK 201, It's COMM 221 or something for business students). And also, seeing as my schedule for the upcoming semester is history (I made it in case I didn't get in!), there's a few classes I need to switch in order to actually get the right courses. I'm just looking for easier classes to ease the transition from History, where I'm really good to Marketing, which isn't as second nature to me.

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