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Originally Posted by Not The One View Post
I don't think the idea of a bilingual "talk-radio" station can stand up to any degree of scrutiny.

- In what language will the games be broadcast? Either way, you loose a part of your audience to another station.

- In what language will interviews be made? English translated to french afterward? Standard for francos but you get ticked-off anglos who switch to another channel. French translated to english? Anglos switch to another station, and probably francos if the translation doesn't work well. Bilinguals feel both are a waste of time.

- Will every subject need to be discussed twice for each audience? How about callers who ask the same questions. Not interesting, people will switch stations.

- How are they going to sell ads, knowing that in either language some ads will not be understood by many of the listeners. Again, people will just switch stations during the ads.

- Who will want to host the shows? Most of the franco personnalities are bilingual, but maybe not enough to go on the air in english, and non montreal natives will definitely not be fluent enough in french to hold a conversation.

In summary, you'll halve you potential audience in either languague, halve you content because everything will need to be repeated and re-disscussed, you can only broadcast the games in one language at a time, you severely restrict your choice of hosts and you limit the amount of advertisers you can have and how much you charge them. Loose, loose, loose, loose, loose.

To illustrate my point, CJAD gets a 0.0% market share among francophones, and 985FM gets a 1.1% share in english, versus their 24% shares in their target languages. It just doesn't work.

See my post above for the practical reasons. How many english-speaking americans watch latin language tv channels?

If HFBoards can't be half-assed to operate a bilingual message board, how is a commercial broadcast company supposed to do the same and make a profit.
I think the guy wanted the radio to have some hours in english and some hours in french refering to his post saying : how cool would it be to have Melnick followed by les amateurs de sports. For the Habs broadcasting it would be in English at least for the first year/years because Cogeco owns the rights to Habs games in French. But even then, the after game shows are really where the people want to talk so this wouldn't work out since it would have to be done in both languages at the same time. Having a bilingual radio station in Montreal is impossible, but ads aren't impossible to broadcast since many radio stations like virgin 96 sometimes broadcast the same ads in both languages one after the other. for the Hosts, there are many bilingual people in Montreal that are bilingual and can carry a conversation both sides (ex. Jeremy Filosa), but like you said the problem would be one-side saying they talk to much on this language instead of the other.

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