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Originally Posted by pnewsom View Post
Thanks SgtJoseph and clayman! I know guys who are still playing in their seventies and that's I want do be doing when I get there. Such a great game and can be enjoyed at almost any level if you are playing with the right people.
The size medium Buaer Supremes I bought turned out to be a little small so I wound up with a pair of Eagle Talons, which are a clone of the Tackla 1051's. Excellent fit and hopefully good protection. Wore them in a game this morning and everything felt good.
Glad you got the fit sortted, good pants last a long time and effort to get the best fit is well worth it.

Yeah, the game is addicting - I forgot how much. I too made "re-entry" just 2 months ago at 63, after being off skating and hockey since '84...
Playin pickup 2x/wk now for about 6 wks with guys in their 20's, 30's and early 40's. A Great challenge to be on the ice with them, some of who are quite quick and highly skilled - nice!
There are 2 other guys who show intermittently, in their early 50's.
Skating and on-ice sense is coming back quickly, but with stick skills I'm still writing checks I can't cash... but that's to be expected.
... would be great to have an 'Over-50' sticky thread for those special needs of us senior goons...

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