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07-17-2012, 11:32 AM
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yess, i remember that soo game as well. i was sitting about 7-8 rows behind penalty box, when that happened. We had our tough guys in the box, jovanovski, evans and the 3rd guy eludes might have been dave roche..Anyways there were 2 soo guys in the box, im thinking joe vanvolsen was 1 of them, anyways both soo guys jumped onto the windsor side, and got there clocks cleaned. In the process of jumping across, i believe they cut open the score keepers (Borden Hildenbrand)leg for a nice gash. Back then they never had glass behind the benches or penalty boxes..i believe there was some action going on behind the soo bench as well with 1 player going into the stands a couple of rows...non the less because of this they put glass up behind both benches and penalty boxes for the very next home game that year...this game was 1 of the classics and ranks up there as probably a top 3 spits games that ive ever attended. So cuz of this i now have seasons tics behind penalty action like that game again, but we have kyle reid behind the penalty box to entertain us

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