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Originally Posted by Halifaxhab View Post
Of course, Alzner would be a great addition. But we would have to give up a Dman (likely someone like Emelin) and a high end prospetc or 1st rd pick. A bit high, and Washington would likely not want to trade him anyway, as he's a top 4 high end shutdown dman
Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
I'm a big Subban defender, I love the kid. But there's a difference between being "willing to let him walk" and being "willing to overpay to retain him". That's where I draw the line, personally. Feel free to disagree though.
Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
I see, aiming a bit too high then.
Originally Posted by yianik View Post
I get the feeling, yes a feeling, that MB is targeting to ice a competitive team, as in challenging for a Cup in the next 3-4 years given the core pieces we have such as Price, Patches and PK and with the talent coming up, such as Gally. So a bunch of mid-late 1st round draft picks dont fit the plan. Also, if PK is what we think he is, and the Chelios comparison is a good one, you would be lucky, real lucky , even if your TT, to draft a PK comparable player at that spot in the draft. .Keep PK
First the thought of trading Emelin & a pick for Alzner just about made me sick.Emelin is starting his 2nd season and will be far better than Karl Alzner.So aim higher IMO.As far as hoping Toronto offer sheets PK Subban and the Habs letting him go for draft picks no,no,no.Toronto is getting better and have some players coming from the Marlies yet,Brian Burke is still in the market for Luongo.If he added PK Subban to the defence Toronto has it's highly unlikely they would miss the playoffs.To think that Toronto is the same team they were when they took Kessel is ludicrous,never mind dreaming about drafting a replacement for PK Subban with any of their draft choices is just as ludicrous.It's about time people seriously evaluate the players on our team and the players that you deem greater.Watch the team playing for a season,every game,then learn what each player brings to the Habs.Every player has different responsibilities and they all need to mesh together(work ethic,team conscience)GM's and Coaches have to bring every player into a system they believe will work and need players that will follow their lead.In the Habs team the players that have been drafted and traded for are acknowledged leaders from their Junior/College/Pro teams.Trevor Timmins has been the Head Scout for ten years and these types of players are the core of the Habs teams,knowing this will give you a better idea how much work goes into a trade.Good Luck.

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