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Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post
Del Zotto looks like he's taken a dump in his pants when he skates. It's not effecive.
Congrats for proving that you don't watch Rangers hockey.

I have no idea what you're even trying to prove here.
Ridiculous stereotypes. That's what I'm trying to prove my point.

You stated that Rangers fans called Del Zotto, Del Zaster, implying that he's not good at defense or his value is low in a trade. Which is ridiculously stereotyped.

In return, I gave a common stereotype attached to Marleau, a playoff choker.

Gaborik: 62GP, 22G, 26A, 48P. That was last year without Richards. And then Gaborik in the playoffs this season... And you call Marleau a choker...
I never stated Marleau was a choker though.... Jeez.

And Gaborik was injured that whole year and it was an awful year to be honest. Not sure how this is relevant to the discussion?

Come on. Couture is much better than Del Zotto is at his position, and Boyle is much better than Richards is at his position. That's an absolutely ludacris statement. Couture is already a near-70 point two-way player. Del Zotto is a one dimensional second-pairing defenseman.
Agreed that Couture is better

but lol you're making it sound like Del Zotto is trash.

He is absolutely not one-dimensional.

He improved a lot this offseason and he played 22-25 minutes before Staal was injured. Defensively sound hockey while being a threat offensively on the ice. He is a core member of the Rangers and what is ludacrious is you underrating him as sort of a trash Tom Poti-lite player.

Richards has more value than Boyle since he is younger imo.

A better comparison would be, would you trade Stepan for Joe Thornton. The parallels are there: Thornton is leaving his prime, Stepan is entering it. Yet Stepan will never be close to as good a player as Thornton is now or will be for the next five years, which is when the Rangers window will have closed.

You trade Stepan for Thornton in a heartbeat.
Absolutely not.

A good comparision would be Elias for Couture.

Elias and Boyle are the same age. Couture will never be better than Elias. Del Zotto, I think in his prime has a chance to be as good as Boyle. Boyle wasn't even an elite player until he went to his second team.

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