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07-17-2012, 01:04 PM
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I just got back from my trip to Vancouver/Whistler.

What a great place to visit, everybody was extremely nice and courteous (well almost everyone).
I was wearing either my Kings hat or sweatshirt everyday, not to brag, but I am bald and and it was sunny every day. Only a few people talked hockey with me and we had some good conversations. My wife said she did see some people give me stink eye when I was wearing my Kings sweatshirt.

We spent about half a day at UBC and then took the bus over to Kits beach and just kicked back and had a burger. Rented some bikes from Spokes and took a ride around Stanley Park, my wife also crashed on a hill in the park. Got some noodles at Peaceful and it was one of the best and cheapest Chinese restaurants that I have been to. Deep Cove is beautiful and Honey makes a great maple/bacon donut. My wife loves gelato so we went to the gelato place by the cauldron 3 times. I loved the Alibi Room in Gas Town. Whistler is really pretty and I had my first plate of Poutine, not bad but not very impressed. I would recommend Ziptrec for anyone interested in zip lining. My wife took the Bear course (kiddies tour) and regretted not going on the Eagle trip with me. She is not very good with heights but they made her feel at easy and comfortable.

The public transportation is great and easy to use. When ever I asked the bus driver a question about 3 people would chime in and help us out and even tell us what to see when we are in that area.

Here are some thing that I learned/notices from my trip:

You accent sounds like every sentence is a questions?
Granville Island is not actually an island
There are no Mexicans there, not a racist statement, just an observation. I live in San Diego so it was just something I noticed.
There are very few fat people in Vancouver and even fewer girls with boob jobs.
Many women wear yoga pants and it is nice to see fit women wearing them. Usually when I see a person wearing them the seems are about to bust open.
There are coffee shops on every corner and sometimes there are two Starbucks across the street from each other.
I would highly recommend to anyone trying to decide where to vacation is to add Vancouver on their list as a must see.


Vancouver is *****en and the people are nice.

Thanks for the nice trip and experience.


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