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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Nope. He is an average skater. Not terrible.

Girardi and Staal are as worse skaters.

You're in a no win argument. Rangers fans have watched him play full season, yet you're trying to educate us on our own player's talents? lol
He's a below-average skater, from what I've seen. I guess you're defense is just slow in general then.

No, I'm trying to help you step away from bias. In general, Rangers fans are by far the most high on their own young players on this entire forum, from what I've seen.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Prove it.
Great argument. How on earth am I supposed to prove that Del Zotto is a poor skater? Videos? Nah, you'll just say he isn't going at full speed or isn't trying as hard.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Logged third most minutes on the 2nd best team/2nd best defensive team in the league? No chance in hell he gets more minutes than McDonagh or Girardi since they're an established top tier shutdown pairing.
Just because he logged top-4 minutes on a good defensive team doesn't make him good defensively. That's a horrible argument.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Del Zotto is still young, is good defensively for his age and is exceptional offensively. He'll be a 1000 GP offensive d-man unless his play completely deteriorates or gets injured. He's still young and has the potential. He plays physical, he can move the puck, he plays sound defensive hockey for his age and generates offense. I don't think he'll be better than current Boyle, but I do think he can become a star player in this league. Still young.
'For his age' is the qualifier that stands out to me. Is there an age limit on defensive ability? Ryan McDonagh is an absolute stud defensively, easily top-10 in the league in his own zone, and he's 23.

The assumption you continually make is that Del Zotto will get better defensively with age. That's an assumption that, watching Del Zotto play and having a close friend who's a huge Rangers fan complain about it to me, I wouldn't put money on. Agree to disagree then.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Elias played with Sykora and Zubrus lol. This wasn't even close to his best year in his career.

Really? Elias is arguably a top 10 forward. He was 10th in points and played big PK minutes on the best PK tandem ever. He is an elite defensive player and an elite offensive player.

So how is Boyle better than Elias exactly?
You are completely misreading my post. I love Patrik Elias. He's easily my favorite Devil and for my money the best Devils player. He's a fantastic player in every facet of the game. My point is that Elias had a down year the year before last season and then bounced back; who knows if he'll be PPG again next season? Boyle has been consistently elite, and that is his value.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Of course you would.
Then you should do Del Zotto for Boyle. Couture is to Datsyuk as Del Zotto is to Boyle. Oh wait. Datsyuk himself told Couture at this season's All-Star game that Couture was a better player than Dats at Couture's age.

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