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Originally Posted by Minnesota View Post
So... We've been comparing Gaborik leaving the Wild with Parise leaving the Devils.

Here's a question: Would we have been more angry at Gaborik if he was our captain, AND we had just lost in the SCF during the 2008-2009 season?

I have a feeling we would have been just as angry - If not angrier. All that disappointment balled up with your captain leaving is bound to leave fans in a touchy (to say the least) emotional state.
I was never angry at Gaborik i was Pissed at DR for the way he handled it. he approached Gaborik with a 7.5 AAV which was ALOT more at that time then its now cap wise. Gaborik turned it down yet DR knowing this guy has injury problems kept him on the team. to me Gaborik sent a message that he didn't want to play on the team with DR running it or JL coaching it. he should have been traded that off season.

him leaving per what russo said, was that he wanted that offer back but GMCF didn't oblige.

Again players have the right to choose where they play, its about the way you leave, Gabo made it known in advance he wasn't planning on staying when he turned that nice chunk of money down. Parise too sent a good message he would at least test free agency, he never went on some extensive record playing up the devils only to sign 11:15 with a direct rival. Players that want to stay (koivu) they sign the deal they don't take a 1 year deal making them a UFA

people who are angry that Parise left are ignoring that he took a 1 year deal that would allow him to test free agency, they though he would choose home and they were right, its just that their definition of home was New Jersey and Parise's was Minnesota

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