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07-17-2012, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Atoz View Post
The first thing I'd advise you to do is ask this question on a legal website and not a hockey website.
Because, obviously, me posting this here means I did not ask for advice on a legal website. I'm not an idiot, I know HF is not the best place to ask and I did ask on legal sites before, but I thought some fellow hockey fans might be able to help. Sorry for not giving you an extensive list of the places where I sought help.

Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger View Post
Why don't you call the City and ask? It's probably better to get this thing dealt with, rather than leave it (there are additional penalties added the longer it's outstanding). And with the data exchange that goes on between police agencies, you never know what is being told about you.

By the way, you were very lucky--until recently if you didn't have any identification on you there was a very good chance the police would take you down to central booking and put you through the system.
Thanks for answering. I definitely planned to call the clerk and try and figure this out, their hours don't make it easy for me to do so but I'll find a way, you're 100% right.

I know I got lucky, although to be honest, I dealt with the situation (as it happened) the best way possible. The officers were very friendly despite my offense and I was able to get on their good side quick enough. Definitely a lesson well learned though.

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