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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Fact -- He's 4th among active players in career PPG
Fact -- The Knicks have made the playoffs in back to back seasons because of Anthony's play in April.
Fact -- The Knicks are 13-5 in April since acquiring Anthony
Fact -- Anthony was voted the NBA player of the month in April 2012.
Why is it because of Anthony's play in April? Why would the Knicks have not made the playoffs in 2011 if the Anthony trade didn't happen?

I don't understand what being 4th among career PPG is supposed to mean? Why is that a good thing when it clearly doesn't equate to winning. He clearly doesn't equate to winning. He and his 4th career PPG equates to mediocrity, because aside from scoring, everything else about his game is mediocre, or simply non-existant.

Sorry, but as a fan of a recently-pathetic franchise, I'll look past the defensive shortcomings and off-the-court sound bites as long as I see an improvement in the standings. Lead by Anthony, so far, so good.

And go back and read my posts from the day he was acquired. I never said he shouldn't be criticized. I for one have criticized him as well. Big picture-wise, he's given the fans something to look forward too. You can make fun of back-to-back 1st round blowouts, but Knicks fans shouldnt be greedy.
Who said anything about greed? The point is, where do you want this team to go? If your goal is to get bounced from the playoffs in the first round and sell a lot of jerseys, then awesome, you've accomplished that, Dolan. If you want to change the culture of the team and build a winner, then clearly this was the wrong way to go. Anthony is just the newest Marbury and Steve Francis.

As for the Lin comment, he was right. I never said he was right saying it publicly. I just said he was right. Lin's contract is undeserving.
Any player could have said, "I think Carmelo Anthony is a huge piece of garbage for the way he treated his coaches, teammates, and the Nuggets as an organization," and been right about it. But I'm pretty sure no one did. No one is stupid enough to say something so unnecessary to the press. No one except Anthony.

OK, so you're a frontrunner. It's one thing to be a frontrunner and be humble. It's another thing to be a frontrunner and consistently bash the team you gave up on.
Justify it any way you want, but there is nothing endearing to frontrunning, especially if you're trying to come across as a know-it-all.
How am I a front runner? The Spurs were my favorite Western Conference team my entire life, my 2nd favorite team after the Knicks. David Robinson was my favorite non-Knick player growing up. The Spurs went from being my 2nd favorite team to being my 1st favorite team.

You can keep calling it that, but I didn't give up on the Knicks. They gave up on me, and they gave up on you, too. It's not my fault you're a glutton for punishment. And I have no interest in bashing the Knicks. I want to be a Knicks fan. I want to like the Knicks, and I was starting to again. But then they threw all that progress out the window and showed their true colors. They're still about everything that turned me off to them in the first place. They don't care about building exciting, winning basketball teams.

And class is a stipulation? The Riley Knicks were class? They were classy if you consider class to be gooning it up, head butting, choke holding and clothes-lining people.
Different time, different rules, different league. But the Knicks were a team that was greater than the sum of its parts. They stuck up for one another, they played as a team, they played hard every night, and they were always committed. No one on that team ever put themselves ahead of the team.

The league disagrees with you. Sorry. And I meant regular season. See above for his stats since joining the Knicks in the last month of the regular season.
Awesome. Silly me, thinking that the season was 82 games plus playoffs, not the several weeks when some guys decide to give an actual effort.

And I think it was convinient for you that you couldn't post on here when Anthony was the toast of the town. We'll see what happens next year.
Yes, it was very convenient for me that one of my closest relatives was slowly slipping away during a harrowing bout with cancer. So glad I could use that as an excuse to not post about the Knicks, who ended up doing worse than I predicted they would before the season began.

That has nothing to do with it. The Knicks acquired one of the best scorers in the league and it made them better in the standings. Felton and Chandler played a whopping 8 games last year for Denver (guess who played all 8?). It's funny how the guy you claimed to be "one of the best defensive coaches of all time" was 29th in the NBA in PPG without the very guy you said made his teams stink defensively.
Actually, I didn't claim him to be one of the best defensive coaches of all-time. Three hall of fame NBA players made that claim on NBATV, and I was repeating that claim because I happen to agree with it, based on the defensive prowess of his Sonics teams. Regardless, the Nuggets and their horrible defense, not to mention league leading man games lost (EDIT: I remember hearing that on ESPN towards the end of the season but I can't find it online so disregard that for now although they certainly battled a lot of injuries this year, more than most teams), finished higher in a tougher Western Conference than the Knicks did in the East. The Nuggets also took a top 5 team in the league to 7 games.

I don't see how the injuries even mean that much, considering Anthony not only showed up looking like a fat load last season, but sabotaged his own team's chances at winning by playing like a schmuck until the moment D'Antoni quit. He showed up to play for several weeks. He might as well have been injured the whole time. It certainly didn't hurt the Knicks when he was out of the lineup. I'm pretty sure the Knicks woudln't have made the playoffs, wonderful Anthony April or not, if they didn't go on that nice streak when Anthony was out of the lineup.

For now, winning means above .500 and making the playoffs. The Knicks weren't doing that last season under Dantoni and his wonderful system.
Wonderful system or not, pretty tough to do anything when the top guy on your team is playing to get the coach fired.

And I think any attempt to judge D'Antoni's Knick tenure is as silly an idea as one can come up with, whether you want to praise him or flay him. At no point in his time with the Knicks did D'Antoni ever have a real team to work with. At no point did he ever not have to contend with either tons of cap space lost due to Thomas remnants or the Anthony move which clearly made no sense with what D'Antoni was trying to do. How anyone can say that D'Antoni sucked as a coach here is beyond me. The entire time he was here, he either had horrible teams, cap space being wasted, or players who either didn't gel with his system or actively worked to get him fired.

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