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07-17-2012, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by predfan98 View Post
if you look back at the conversation I was responding to the comment that wondered why we didn't look at ward and sullivan the same way that we look at weber and suter. In context, that is why I made this remark.

Frankly, I don't doubt that all players want to win, that the coach wants to win, that the owners and organization want to win. I believe the owners and Poile are committed to spending the $. There is no payback to the owners unless we win. If the money spent on our salary is low right now....welll, they had that $ committed to Suter. A lot of our players are unsigned.

However rarely here do you have the debacle of weber and suter holding the organization hostage to "prove you are committed by spending $, we don't believe it"
They put it out there in public , unprofessionally. And frankly, I think it has made Poile's job very impossible... Now, it's another question whether or not he is the best man for the job.

If there is a problem in the organization and we are too "kind or trusting"..... bring in Tortorella!!
There may be a problem....... but Weber and Suter have both been extremely unprofessional.
How did they hold them hostage? The owners said they'd spend the money. They did with Rinne. Other than that, have they? No. I think Weber and Suter wanted to see the big long term commitment. Even now the owners have not shown that ability to drop the coin. I know the offer was out there for Suter. I know they've talked to Weber and I'm sure the money is there. Why are they not signing? Is it the guys holding them hostage or is there some big underlying problem we don't get to see. Weber and Suter both have an insight we don't have and maybe they have seen things that make them go, there's a lot of talk but nothing to back it up.

As far as being professional, who cares if Ward or Sully had made comments like that? Ward is a grinder and Sully is a vet who was a good player. Suter and Weber are elite players you build teams around and their voice is valued a lot more IMO than guys who are parts.

I will say this, it's funny that Poile and Weber were surprised by Suter's signing but we haven't heard from anyone else, like Fisher or Rinne or anyone else in the leadership group.

To me, something is not adding up. Guys always talk about loving it in Nashville. They love the team. They respect Trotz. Poile is one of the most respected GM's in the NHL. Then why the ******* are guys not wanting to sign long term? Let's figure that one out and we'll have a great team for years to come. If we don't, it's going to be a constant roller coaster.

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