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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
Definitely one of my favourite Flyer memories, especially since I live in Toronto. The next day I was parading around in my Flyers' jersey and the woman at Tim Horton's went to hand me my coffee at the drive through, saw what I was wearing and took it back! She told the others she couldn't serve me because of my jersey. Of course I did get it eventually, carried on down to the boardwalk where I was walking a couple of dogs and someone in one of the houses started yelling "Flyers Suck". Then someone started yelling at him that the Leafs sucked. I never saw either of them but it was pretty funny.

Not as funny as Sundin getting the first star, mind you! Ahhhhh, it's really the gift that keeps on giving!
That's awesome. I really despised that Leafs team for some reason, so it was great to see them lose in that fashion. If they had come back to win that series after Tucker ran Kapanen, I would have definitely broken some things in the house.

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