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07-17-2012, 05:53 PM
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That would be a vigorous workout for a very fit, experienced goalie. I think his expectations of you are way beyond anything reasonable. That's a "learn to play"?? Wow, hardcore compared to the learn to play at my rink.

Most coaches don't understand what being a goalie is all about. Makes sense - most hockey players have never been a goalie. You need to communicate to him what your needs are. I've learned to be very stubborn about my wants and needs in practice when it comes to being an adult goalie playing for fun and trying to learn. And being a shooter tutor to a relentless line of players when you're already tired isn't a good way to learn, or to have fun.

You've paid to take a class that will help you learn a fun game, not to be drilled into the ground and chastised for not trying hard enough.

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