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12-01-2003, 10:58 PM
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Thanks you for the detailed response. It helps.

Jamie's got more potential than Manny Malhotra. But he's still quite raw. On the plus side, he's still quite young and it is difficult to label him as an underachiever given the very odd uses NYR made of him these past two seasons.

He's clearly not cut out for LW despite playing several dozen games there last season. He is a natural center who has played few minutes at pivot with New York. Instead, he has flanked Bobby Holik's right shoulder most comfortably.

Jamie is not physical. He's more of a finesse player. What he needs is to drive down the slot more often.

He's got a respectable shot when he takes it. Very peculiar delivery: he drops to one knee when he shoots which telegraphs it.

In Juniors he was a pivot known more for feeding than for scoring. His numbers were not the best - but understandable considering the lack of talent he was given at either wing.

My guess is that he'll be a mid-late bloomer, perhaps age 24. He'll probably top out as a third line pivot or maybe a second line RW, quite respectable. But he's no Peter Forsberg. He doesn't "take charge" when he has the puck, instead seeking to shoot or otherwise pass it as soon as it arrives. And he's got much to learn when it comes to faceoffs.

As for Anson... I can't imagine why Slats would withhold Carter from Washington unless he wants Carter for an additional trade. Carter's skating has been atrocious since the moment of his arrival. He's been known to trip over the blue line when distracted. Positive: he is not afraid to mix it up in the low slot and garbage goals are the only ones he's gotten in Gotham. But he looks nothing like what his Edmonton stats would suggest. You'd probably be better off with Jamie, quite frankly... in terms of bang for the buck.

If GMGM actually chose Lundmark over Carter after his scouting visit to MSG, I would not be shocked to hear it. Carter has peaked whereas Jamie is very worth auditioning.

Heck, Martin St. Louis didn't bloom until age 27. Now look at him.

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