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12-01-2003, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Scarface
So teams that spend tons of money now to win a cup are smarter? Or are the teams that don't spend alot of money and use what they have in their system, what they've developed?
I'm not sure I understand the question, nor do I see the relevance. Not trying to be snarky, honestly.

Basically, all I'm saying is that the trend I am seeing on these boards these days is that there is a magic recipe. You tank many years and then you'll magically become a powerhouse.

It just doesn't work this way. There's a lot more going into it. A LOT more. I find it sad when I see an avatar of a Pens jersey with name tags Fleury/Ovechkin/Crosby as if it is some sort of masterplan, a triumph.

All I see is a team heading for disaster.

I will gladly go into the subject of so-called smarter teams with you if you want to, although it is slightly off-topic for the thread

Originally Posted by Scarface
Craig Patrick interviewed many candidates, Eddie O impressed him the most.
Craig Patrick is a puppet. Has been eating in Mario's hand for years now. Not surprisingly, Edzo, a total newbie, is a friend of Mario. Coincidence? I think not.

This team is mismanaged to the extreme and the only reason I didn't put CP in the top 5 worst GM in the league is because I believe he isn't truly one right now.

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