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Originally Posted by Richie10 View Post
After the way Snyder handled Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen, I'm very confident he can create a compelling and interesting Superman. We live in a culture that embraces the anti-hero, an almost fascist portrayal of an individual that doesn't seem to care about the rules and consistently breaks them to adhere to his/her own set of morals. It's why characters like Batman and Iron Man are so unbelievably popular at the moment - everyone is a cynic right now.

However, an even more powerful message for a cynical society is that of detachment and despondence from an increasingly chaotic world, something Superman conveys perfectly. There is a reason Superman is consistently ranked as the greatest superhero ever conceived. The point is not that he is all powerful or altruistic; the point is that he can still be emotionally compromised and must consistently find reasons to save a society that seems hell bent on destroying itself. THAT is the message of Superman, and it still resonates with everyone if only communicated properly.

Superman has yet to be portrayed in film as he was in certain graphic novels like The Dark Knight Returns, for example. Frank Miller's Superman was amazing. He was cold, distant, jaded, detached from the world, filled with self doubt. This was diametrically opposed to Miller's 55 year old Batman, who was simply calloused and driven entirely by rage at what the world had become.

If Snyder portrays a conflicted Superman anything like Miller's in The Dark Knight Returns, we'll be in for a treat.

Judging by the teaser and what Cavill, Nolan and Snyder have said about the character/film, I think we are in for a treat indeed.

People really underestimate the popularity of Superman. We forget that with all it's failures, Superman Returns still managed to perform better than Batman Begins (BB had the better critical response though).

Also, one thing I love about this film is that Superman will not be easily accepted by the world. Which is OF COURSE the realistic/right approach. In the trailer, Superman is handcuffed by the army, I love that (obviously, Superman is doing it to prove to the world that he is on their side).

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