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Originally Posted by CKL889 View Post
Rush out 3 albums within a few months?

What did you expect, of course its going to be a terrible rushed product.

Its obvious they are just concerned about making a quick buck.

Ill be shocked if there is 3-4 decent songs totsl in the 3 albums.
I think that's a little unfair at this stage. I could have (as well as the band and the label) predicted your exact post before you even said it.

For a band as huge as Green Day, they don't need to "rush out an album for a quick buck". That's such an uninformed and irrational way of thinking given how much of the music has been released.

I definitely won't argue about any of the songs sucking or not; with 3 discs it's bound to happen. But to make the ever-so-easy and oh-so-typical knee jerk comment like "they wanna make a quick buck" is silly.

You don't know the band. You don't know how financially set they are (neither do I). You don't know their integrity and pride they may or may not take in a given endeavor. It's just not that rational of a thing to say. It's a typical fan/message board comment, if you will.

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