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07-17-2012, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Jeremy Lin is a product of Speedball. Put the ball in the hands of the PG. Speedball has been replaced by real basketball. Rebound and defend. The Knicks don't feel Lin is that good of a player worthy of paying $30M in luxury taxes in 14-15. Some people feel Lin is a back-up PG. Alan Hahn,Frank Isola and Stephen A.Smith have all echoed that sentiment.
RB, you're my go-to guy on all things Rangers, but you're not as informed here.

Firstly, regarding the writers you named, SAS is a flat out racist and Isola has had his own anti-Lin agenda from the start. Hahn is an excellent reporter - who now works for MSG - and even he has said repeatedly that at the very least you need to match and get something in trade for Lin.

Regarding his game, Lin has things to work on, no doubt, but he was excellent under Woodson as well. Furthermore, the 25 game thing swings both ways - he put up better numbers than Rubio, Wall, etc... on almost no experience. It's equally possible that he has MORE upside.

Regarding the financial details, read the Coon and Aldridge posts: Lin will be eminently tradable in his third year. Even if you don't move him, you can drastically reduce the tax implications by employing the stretch provision. And this is before we even discuss the revenue and market cap sides of the equation.

This all comes down to a Jim Dolan vendetta, nothing more, nothing less.

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