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12-01-2003, 11:18 PM
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What I was alluding to was this:

In terms of alternatives for Leonsis and GMGM, wouldn't a happy and productive Jagr be a marketing asset for the Caps? You mention that Ted may lose $30M this season...

... but isn't much of that a matter of Jagr not living up to expectations and dragging down the rest of the team? . . . and attendance?

Instead of taking (just) Lundmark as compensation, wouldn't finding a coach to make JJ & Bondra happy be a "better" overall solution business-wise?

I look at the names on Washington's roster and cannot believe the corresponding W-L record.

Granted, Bondra, Lang, Sergei and JJ have their best days behind them. But they still ought to be capable of putting up impressive numbers in aggregate seeing as how there are enough weapons on the Caps to spread enemy checkers thin. You'd think that somebody has got to be unmarked.

That said... I do understand the principle of "addition by subtraction". And if JJ is truly poison in the locker room, perhaps Lundmark is an acceptable consolation prize for unloading the problem child and his enormous financial commitment.

Personally, the "child" in me is giddy at the thought of Jagr wearing Lady Liberty this season. But the more rational Squirrel in me shudders to think of the options NYR will NOT have in the out-years of JJ's contract particularly if certain "limits" come to pass in the next CBA. The Rangers would be as screwed as St. Louis through 2007 or 2008. My brain is hoping that Sather passes on 68 and waits for the next crop of UFAs who might be as young as 27 if you believe some of the speculation.

Don't take this personally. But I've been advocating a Ranger stance of leaving JJ right where he is because it seems to be helping Ranger chances of reaching the playoffs by keeping the Caps out of the race. If Sather bites on Jagr, then GMGM will be free to make other moves and the Caps could be right back in it before March.

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