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07-17-2012, 06:30 PM
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Hi all, I'm from the Chicago area and have a few questions. I'll just copy and paste what I put in the Blackhawks forum to see if I can get some advice from you guys from Florida:

I'm getting married October 6th, and we're flying out to Florida on Sunday the 7th, with our resort being by Palm Beach (4 hours from Jacksonville, 2.5ish from Orlando). The Bears play the Jaguars on the 7th at 4 p.m est. The wife-to-be likes the Bears as well and is happy to go and left it up to me. So some life/game questions.

1. Will we have enough time to get to the game if we decide to go, and for you married guys, is it worth it the day after the wedding? If we fly into Jacksonville, the game will end around 7pm est and we have a 4 hour drive to the resort so won't be getting there the 1st night we're there until 11, unless we just rent a hotel in JAX.
2. Can you fly into Jacksonville, rent a car at the JAX airport, and then fly out of Orlando when we leave, and return the car there?
3. When would tickets go on sale for the Jags?
4. How much would good seats there be?

Not too often you can catch a Bears game in Florida, but the timing is just so touchy.

Thanks for the advice whoever takes the time. If there is a good place for this, let me know and I can repost there.

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