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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
RB, you're my go-to guy on all things Rangers, but you're not as informed here.

Firstly, regarding the writers you named, SAS is a flat out racist and Isola has had his own anti-Lin agenda from the start. Hahn is an excellent reporter - who now works for MSG - and even he has said repeatedly that at the very least you need to match and get something in trade for Lin.

Regarding his game, Lin has things to work on, no doubt, but he was excellent under Woodson as well. Furthermore, the 25 game thing swings both ways - he put up better numbers than Rubio, Wall, etc... on almost no experience. It's equally possible that he has MORE upside.

Regarding the financial details, read the Coon and Aldridge posts: Lin will be eminently tradable in his third year. Even if you don't move him, you can drastically reduce the tax implications by employing the stretch provision. And this is before we even discuss the revenue and market cap sides of the equation.

This all comes down to a Jim Dolan vendetta, nothing more, nothing less.
Wrong. I am not as big as basketball as hockey guy but I watched the Knicks with Bernard King,Bill Cartwright and Rory Sparrow. I follow the NBA. I know who is who. Don't give me that BS.

Hahn was on Smith's radio on Sunday afternoon discussing Lin. Hahn said he has spoken with many NBA people about Lin. He was surprised about the feedback he got. Back up NBA PG. All of those NBA coaches/execs all have an ax to grind too? Isola hates Dolan. Why is he basically agreeing with the decision to let Lin go? I know he hates Lin more?

Why so much hype about Lin? They made shirts. Banners. Duane Reade had more Lin stuff than the Giants Super Bowl victory. Linsanity. There are and have been 10000x better players who have played in NY and they never received the hype he did. Reverse racism?

Back up PG. Why bother adding to the luxury tax bill by using the stretch provision which is the same thing as the NHL buyout system taking away 2/3 used in the NHL CBA?

Stretch provision

• 2005 CBA: By mutual agreement, teams can alter the payment schedule to waived players. The remaining guaranteed salary is applied to the team's salary cap across the remaining years of the player's contract.

2011 CBA: The player's remaining salary and his cap hit may be stretched across twice the number of seasons remaining on the contract, plus one (for example, the salary and cap hit for a player waived with two seasons remaining may be stretched across five seasons). This is entirely at the team's discretion, but it applies only to contracts signed under the 2011 CBA.

• Who benefits? Teams with bad contracts. For example, if a team has an underperforming player with one season remaining at $12 million, the team can waive him and stretch his salary across three seasons at $4 million per season. This will help with cash flow and provide $8 million in cap relief for the current season.

That would be like the Rangers signing a player to a long-term deal and then deciding after two years,they will buy him out with sending him to the minors not an option because they realized he can't play and they want cap relief. They shouldn't have signed him in the first place.

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