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Originally Posted by Brand New Stars View Post
Go for it and list a couple shows. Don't say Mad Men though.
Just going to list some favorites...sorry dude, I consider Mad Men a better show than Breaking Bad. I noticed your criticism of it but that's not an issue for me. I like the characters/development and have never had an issue with era pieces.

Sons of Anarchy
Boardwalk Empire
Game of Thrones
Mad Men
The Walking Dead

Peep Show
South Park
The Office (US)
Arrested Development
Curb Your Enthusiasm
It's Always Sunny
The League
Parks and Rec
Summer Heights High
Da Ali G Show
Party Down

Although I do enjoy the show, I have some issues with Breaking Bad, issues I won't bring up because I don't want to bias/ruin someone's viewing of the show. I will say that I wanted to strangle Skyler throughout most of seaso...the series.

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