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Welcome to the club!

I've had bauer bumps (Haglund's deformities) since about one year after I started hockey 5 years ago. I wore some old Bauer Supreme classics as my first pair of skates and did not know it was not normal to be feeling discomfort in the heel area. Before I did anything about it, the bumps established themselves on both of my heels and have not subsided with any time off the ice.

I went in to see a podiatrist, who explained to me that the swelling was caused by my body's reaction to increased pressure in that area resulting in the inflammation of the bursa there, as well as an underlying growth of the calcaneal bone to deal with increased amounts of pressure. Each bump sticks out around 1cm from the normal anatomy on the lateral aspect of the calcaneus. They are quite substantial.

Now, I have been very lucky and do not experience pain from any nerve impingement as you may. I still fit into all of my old shoes and my new skates (Bauer Supreme One 100) are the same size as my old skates but have a deeper, more rounded heel and fit like a glove. But I also enquired on what kinds of treatment I could get. My only option was surgery, which was a $4000 bill (Australia) where they would remove the bursa, shave down the bone and may even have to sever and re-attach the achilles tendon to get the job done right. Snapping my achilles, and the amount of recovery time / uncertainty of post-recovery strength in the tendon that could represent, were a dealbreaker.

This is not to say that your experience will be anything like mine has been. Maybe since you picked up on it earlier you will have many more options. I have been playing hockey happily without pain for 4 years since noticing them. I would definitely recommend looking into some better equipment or padding for your skates. It is definitely something I wish I looked into earlier had I known the severity of the deformities.

Anyhoo, the fact that you raised the issue early is a good sign that you will take the steps to halt the growth of the deformities. First step is definitely looking into more comfortable skates, and your local hockey shop should be experienced in dealing with customers with this issue.

Good luck!

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