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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
Thing is, babyboomers won't be in retirement homes in 10-15 years. In fact some are still going to be working.

By definition the oldest baby boomers are currently 67 years old while the youngests are 37. They are not really close to filling retirement homes, especially since these are filled with the older generation and they don't particularily want to go play bingo with them so they're going to stay home as long as they can. Advances in healthcare mean this is postponed relative to aforementionned older generation.

There are currently huge investments in retirement homes (some of them quite luxurious) and I believe its bound to failure. Baby boomers thrive liberty, they won't go close themselves up in glorified prisons until they are literally forced to.
The youngest boomers are about 48-50 not 37. 32-46 is Gen X.

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