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12-02-2003, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by punchy1
Last night we had 7 penalties to Dallas 2. Of those seven *6* of them were stick penalties (5 high sticks and one hooking) Foxy said right after one penalty "the refs went over and got their instructions from Dave Tippet and now the Kings are getting called every time". He was right. It were bunko. I watched the game and while the Frolov Penalty was what it was (and I am glad that Modano isn't hurt) that is just yet another time that the Kings got hosed by the officials. Bloody awful.

Squid has an amazing 10 goals and 5 assists averaging less than 10 minutes a game in his short 37 game NHL career. It will be smart to see how many points he has after he has played in 82 games. I wonder if he will have more than 35 points by then. If it is more than 42 he would have been last years rookie leader.
that's a really interesting stat that i hadn't thought of at all, good thinking. obviously we don't all expect cammalleri to keep scoring the way he has been for the rest of the season. he'll hit a wall here in the next 5 to 10 games and cool down a bit. however, i still think that his production will continue to be substantial, and i absolutely think that he'll have more than 40 points in his first 82 games. this kid is awesome, and i am all over the cammalleri bandwagon.

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