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07-17-2012, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
Glad to see we have come full circle in another subject.

Bryz lovers in denial that their man majorly sucked last year, and would rather pass off the critics as haters.

"Bryz haters" simply stating they don't mind the guy as long as he plays well. Which in other than a month and handful of weeks last year; he played pretty damn subpar.
were kickin the skeleton of this horse at this point but its not all about one player. he could've been better in the beginning but the team sucked. thats the point. we sucked defensively. sucked. we needed pronger bad. and stop pretending like you love him but just hate his performance. look at your avatar. out of all the avatars you'd have to heavily dislike the dude to have that picture represent you on here. I do think things will be different as a whole this year. there's were a lot of changes last summer. a year of adjustment was not too much to ask at least for me. i assumed id be that way, and that was before pronger went down. now we know what were dealing with and its time to produce and that goes for everybody not just the goalies. bob had trouble with this team in front too last year, remember?

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