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12-02-2003, 01:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Van
Oh, by the way, I hear lots of people complaining about Giguere's chest protector.... It is just thicker than what a lot of goaltenders use. It isn't wider, so it isn't covering more of the net. So why complain about it?
Thicker? Where did you get this info? It makes no sense to me to have thicker equipment, the quality of the upper body gear made today doesn't require anything to be thicker, especially considering the affect that would have on mobility.

Also, thicker upper body gear would not be visable, so obviously people are more upset with the wide shoulders than the thick armour.

I'm a Giguere fan and I see no problem at all with what he wears, however I'm not sure what's up with this 'thicker' theory. People pick on Giggy because his positional play is second to none and he gets his upper body in front of more shots than any goaltender that came along before him. Reducing the size of his gear won't change that, a very high percentage of the shots he takes to the upper body hit him in the logo anyway.

ALSO, to comment on the size reduction issue, Garth Snow is a very big guy. He conformed to the rule changes made this off season and doesn't look a whole lot different at all. I honestly believe that the technique and size of goaltenders today is so far ahead of where they were 20 years ago that changing the size of their gear won't have a big affect on goal scoring.

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