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Originally Posted by puckstopshere View Post
But I am super lucky.....I get to play hockey with Nabby a couple times a month during the summer in California. Nemo is a good goalie but not fun to watch. Nabbys speed and grace are much better for fans...Nemo won the cup on a team with a ton of offense and though he shined in spots, he was not why they won....Take Nabby back? in a heartbeat...this was a salary issue.. .unfortunately dePietro fiasco, and lots of goalie injuries, reduced the market $ for goalies and the Sharks needed $$. Nabbys 1-0 OT shutout vs flyers this year was vintage Nabby!
Honestly I would package Nemo with boyle/murray and get more offense, and give Greiss the job if Nabby was not coming back ...he has earned it..Shark PP and PK sucked, especially in playoffs, Havlet came in late but played well, Burns I like but he needs to step up. and we need more of the Nasty....
Well, next time you see him, drop a hint, like..."hey nabby, the fans still miss you..." or "everytime Niemi gives up a rebound, a Shark fan goes into cardiac arrest..."

You know, just something that will make him feel good.

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