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07-17-2012, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Wrong. I am not as big as basketball as hockey guy but I watched the Knicks with Bernard King,Bill Cartwright and Rory Sparrow. I follow the NBA. I know who is who. Don't give me that BS.

Hahn was on Smith's radio on Sunday afternoon discussing Lin. Hahn said he has spoken with many NBA people about Lin. He was surprised about the feedback he got. Back up NBA PG. All of those NBA coaches/execs all have an ax to grind too? Isola hates Dolan. Why is he basically agreeing with the decision to let Lin go? I know he hates Lin more?
I'm not saying Lin is worth the third year of that contract, or that he'll be a great player, but I wouldn't put much stock into anything Stephen A. Smith says. IMO, he's one of the least respectable people in basketball journalism/broadcasting. This is the guy who proclaimed that the Nuggets, when they acquired Allen Iverson in 2006, were title contenders. Smith is the biggest cheerleader for guys like Iverson, Marbury, Anthony, etc. All the guys that are me first players, who put themselves ahead of the team, and who never won anything.

Like BRF said earlier, he certainly has contacts around the league, but he's nothing more than a loudmouth who is all flash, no substance. He lacks objectivity. I also happen to agree with the notion that he tends to allow race to influence his opinions.

Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
I guess you missed this post, which was up about an hour and a half later, where I clearly said that it was something I'd heard on NBATV, from the mouths of players. I'm not sure how you missed it, since this isn't the first time you've thrown that comment at me (while avoiding addressing any actual points I made, much like you do with the "your not even a Knick fan" as if that somehow affects my ability to form an opinion) and it isn't the first time I've made the point that it was something I heard on NBATV. No need to rehash that discussion, but if you want to say that me believing that Karl is a good defensive coach (or that he, at least, has coached teams that were strong defensively...which is the case for all but one season of his Sonics tenure) takes away credibility from my opinion, that's fine.

I just don't believe it is any more ridiculous than loads of stuff you've said about D'Antoni, his tenure with the Knicks, or Anthony. Forming a negative opinion about D'Antoni's time with the Knicks when taking into consideration all of the circumstances that surrounded that period seems, to me, entirely unreasonable.

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