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07-18-2012, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Clownquestion View Post
From reading Jones' comments yesterday, it is quite clear that he does NOT want the hockey team in town. He doesn't care what it would do to Westgate or the Glendale economy as a whole - he just knows that he doesn't want HIS tax dollars to support the team.

I get it, really I do. But there are so many things that the government spends money on that I disagree with - do you see me taking them to court, tying their hands with delaying tactics? I think Sheriff Joe's Hawaiian Adventure was a big waste of funds. I'm not out there yapping my head off about it - instead, I can choose to show my displeasure by voting against him when he is up for re-election. And I think that some of the legislature's ideas are totally whackadoodle. Again, I can vote the more sane and rational candidate into office. That's how it's SUPPOSED to work - the general idea is 'don't vote the crazy people into office' and then if the ones you vote in do a poor job, vote them out!

Jones and Cobb wanted the public to have input. The public DID have input when they voted the council members into office. Then, when CoJones didn't like the way they voted, they chose to gather the signatures. So that was another time when the public DID have input - and they chose not to sign. The number of signatures they got makes it fairly clear that this is not an issue that the average taxpayer in Glendale is fretting about. So trying to continue to fight this would mean going over the heads of the citizens yet another time. We get that CoJones don't want tax dollars involved at all - but it looks like the public in general does not have that big of an issue with it. You can't say that you want the public to vote and then make sure to use the legal system to thwart their choice because you don't like it. Our constitution does allow for referendum and initiative, but you must follow the rules of law in order to use them. If you can't read the directions on this issue, why on earth would I ever trust that your ideas are better than the ones of the elected council members?

The good news is that ST are up 2000 from last year, and last year's STH have renewed at a record level. Word on the street is that there may be something announced by the end of the week - I've heard a couple of different days, but the overall feeling is 'soon.' For once, not a "couple of weeks."

Except, of course for the whole GWI and tax people - their case won't be heard until Aug. 14:
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