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Originally Posted by Spezzator View Post
With all due respect, I'm not really seeing why $5 million would have been too much to pay him. Up to the end of his tenure with the Sharks he was one of the few true workhorses in the league, capable of 70+ games, and aside from his horrid 2005/2006 season never had a GAA above 2.44 since the lockout. That's elite, IMO, and worth $5 million.

Anyway, not trying to cause an argument. I'm just scratching my head wondering how the Sharks felt he wasn't good enough. He might have let in some bad goals in the playoffs but with a career 2.29 GAA in the playoffs, those bad goals must have been few and far between. However, if it was truly between Nabokov and Marleau then I can definitely see why Marleau was the priority. Talk about another very underrated and oft-criticized Shark.
It just depends on who you talk to. I feel he is good enough to win a Cup. The problem with a cap league is sometimes you have to make hard decisions like this. Nabokov is definitely worth the 5 million but the team needed to use that money towards the players up front more than goaltending. There is more importance in funding your forwards and defensemen and creating depth there than it is in having good and well-paid goaltending.

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