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Originally Posted by Brand New Stars View Post
Just wondering, if you didn't connect with something then why did you continue to watch it to where you got halfway through the first season? Just based on the reputation of the show so you kept with it?
I watched it when it came out and there really wasn't much of a reputation at the time, just a strong cast, HBO, and Martin Scorsese's name.

To answer your question specifically, I studied film and television. There are some things that look terrible and I can't give it a very objective first viewing but there are quite a few things that look to be somewhere between good and great; the great ones are part of what I enjoy about life and so I seek them out. I also realize that the length of time it takes for a person to connect with a setting, character, storyline varies person to person and show to show. I thought enough work went into making Boardwalk Empire that I ultimately gave them the benefit of the doubt and kept watching. I was rewarded in this case; that doesn't always happen. If I hadn't been kindly pressured into watching Breaking Bad by friends I actually probably would not have continued past season 1.

The main thing is that I really like the format of televsion; it's different from film in that it allows itself a longer amount of time to tell the same story (differently) that a film could. I don't really consider committing to one season of a show as all that much of an investment to be honest.

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