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Originally Posted by Vi Nc E x13x View Post
If there is a lockout how does the lottery work?
Not like the guy you replied to obviously thinks. Although technically he's right as all teams would be involved in a lottery if the same method as last time was used. Last time Habs had one ball in the lottery out of 48 balls total and would have one ball again this time if there was a lock out and the same method was used (start with three balls, lose one for every playoff appearance in the last three years or number one overall pick in the last four years to minimum of one). Can't be bothered to work out exactly what every team would have, but on that basis for example, off the top of my head Toronto would have three balls, Edmonton wouldhave one (but no doubt still win the lottery )

Pittsburgh were advantaged last time by losing the lottery when finishing last in 2004. By having the second pick (and consolation prize of Evgeni Malkin) in 2004 that meant they had three balls in 2005 rather then the two they would have had with the first overall in 2004. They won the lottery to pick Sydney Crosby.

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