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07-18-2012, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Koto View Post
they should be kept.

but if you request a trade, im not entertaining the idea unless you unconditionally waive.

Everyone wants players who are willing to take less money to stay with their team. But is it fair for a player to take less money on a long term deal only to be traded the next year? To a team that was willing to pay more than the player signed for?

But...if I am a GM, and a player with a NTC asks for a trade, I am basically requesting a full waiver and taking the best deal or I am not bothering to make any calls. Maybe, if a player wants to go to a playoff caliber team, and there are 20 or so options, you can probably work something out.

But someone like Nash is ridiculous. I want out, but you have to trade me to one of these few teams, regardless of what they offer or I will block the trade. Its garbage. You signed the long term deal, and the team made as much of a commitment as you. Yes, the team sucks, but if Nash sucked the team would have no choice but to pay him anyway (or buy him out for 2/3). Now you not only want out but you want to pick the team like you were a free agent. Too bad.

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