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With all due respect, I'm guessing you aren't a goalie? What this coach is asking the OP to do as a brand new goalie is completely unreasonable. One goalie, even in the best of shape, would struggle at this practice, especially after all of the power skating that the coach has him doing. which he shouldn't even be doing since the skating that the coach has him working on won't make him a better goalie. All it will do is fatigue him and actually have a negative effect on his goalie skating.

That said there is big difference between your muscles screaming at you and becoming lightheaded and nauseas and you are out of line to tell the OP that he shoudn't quit in the middle of the session. Unless I missed something in the original post, this isn't major junior, NCAA, minor pro or NHL training camp. This is an adult learn to play program and if the OP feels like he is about to pass out he should skate off and take as many breaks as he needs until he has his legs back under him.
You're right, I'm not a goalie and I said it was MY opinion and so the OP can take that for what it's worth. If it's worth nothing to him, then he doesn't have to take my advice.

I apologize if I was "out of line" for sharing my opinion.

And to clarify: it wasn't my intention to say that the OP is being melodramatic or acting like he needs special attention. It was meant as a broad statement to all.

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