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07-18-2012, 09:38 AM
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I've also never liked Superman. His costume is lame, which I guess you can chalk up to when he was created. But mostly it's the fact that there's never really any element of danger. Even when he dies he doesn't die. You always know there's absolutely no possibility he'll lose because he's a superhero smartphone. New problem? Don't worry, heretofore unknown power solves that. Kryptonite? No worries, he'll inexplicably be ok. Even trying to just read the Wikipedia page is baffling. Never mind traveling back in time by spinning the world the wrong way, whatever kind of sense that some point, some incarnation of Superman PUNCHES REALITY SO HARD THAT IT SHATTERS.

I mean with all these heroes you kind of know that they're never really in any significant danger, but Batman CAN be killed by a gun. Spiderman, though also lame, CAN be killed by a gun. Hell, they could be killed by a fall, or a severe illness, if it came to it. Superman is utterly unstoppable, and yet he still manages to get smacked around every now and then.

I won't begrudge people their superhero fandom or whatever, but those are just some of the reasons I personally don't care for Superman, which people never really seem to accept or understand. It's always just "You don't like Superman?! What's the matter with you?!"

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