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07-18-2012, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
You are presuming that there are no other expenses! What about all of the employees that work for the team? The coaches all make good salaries, you have the admin, marketing etc. that need to be paid? The losses for not playing are quite large, he cannot afford to go without all of those positions being filled and staffed prior to the season opening, Imagine, what would happen if the CBA was resolved and he had no staff to start the season with? Secondly, I thought the 17MM from the city was to cover the operating expenses of the arena? Presuming most of those expenses are fixed he has little left of those revenues! I also was under the assumption that the arena would sit empty if no owner emerged, your comments suggest that attractions are plentiful?
Of course there are other expenses but they are expenses that are just a very small fraction of the expense of paying for fifty two million dollars of NHL salary, flying them all over the continent, feeding, housing, rehabilitating, training, etc, etc etc all of those players.

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