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12-02-2003, 03:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Great gallopping gravy trains.

I think you've all been watching the Habs way too much over the last few years when they've sucked so hard they left hickeys on the ice. Sure, Ward is a great second liner on a team with precious few NHL-calibre players on it, but come on! Look at any of the teams who are going to make the playoffs and look me in the eye and tell me he can be anything other than a fourth liner - and even that would be a stretch!

Michel Picard was a scoring wonder in the AHL. I think he might have played a handful of NHL games before being sent back to enjoy his career in the minors. Ward is okay around the net, but when Mike "Turtle" Ribeiro can go end-to-end before Ward can hit his own blue line, it doesn't matter if he knows where to go. Plus, when he finally gets there, he has to hit the boards to change directions and head back. Okay, mild exagerations, but really now.

I love the guy's work ethic just like everyone else, and if work was all that was needed, he'd be a star, but we're trying to *improve* the team so that we can eventually challenge for the STANLEY Cup, not the Calder.

I think we've seen about enough of the AHL-types here in Montreal.


(And if he proves me wrong, I'll be first in line to congratulate him and kiss all your boots. And since I see that as about as likely as me walking on Mars in the next couple of years, you can see I'm not worried.)
Guy! There's a certain Turner Stevenson that won that mighty Cup last year on a certain NJ squad and he's a MUCH uglier skater than Ward is. Talk about a guy lacking mobility. Still, he was from those games because he plays with intensity and has character, which is what ultimately is needed in the tight checking playoffs. You seem to focus only on one bad thing about Ward and forget all the rest. Of course it's probably true that Ward isn't on a scoring line on a good team unless you're in trouble but that doesn't mean you dont want to have a Jason Ward on your team to win the Cup. The 4th line NEVER looked as strong and effective as when it was the Langdon - Begin - Ward combinaison. There's just those little things Ward can do on the ice even if he looks bad skating that makes him valuable on the ice. He's a team player and an intense and fierce competitor and I'll take him WITHOUT BLINKING any day over the likes of Dackell, Kilger and Sundstrom. Also I think you're exagerating quite a bit in regard to his speed. Ward has decent speed, but he do lacks quickness. He looks ugly while moving down the ice, but this is not a figure skating event. If you want to look at a truly slow player, look at Daran Langdon. Ward is of no harm on the 4th line, quite the contrary.

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