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12-02-2003, 03:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
Judging from the comments in the papers today, it seems that Carter thinks his wrist isn't a problem.
I love his comments.

""I'm not a big fan of calling guys out in public," Carter said. "I've learned that that's the way it happens here. Some guys get that, others get off kind of easy." "

Something we all already knew, but the double standard that Sather has is apparent to more than just us.

" fully expect Carter back in the lineup on Tuesday. It will be interesting to see who Sather sits and whether he will move Lindros back to centering the 4th line."

I agree. Carter will be back in tonight. As for who sits, that's easy. Either Lundmark or Scott will be benched. Probably Lundmark. And unless Jackass is willing to admit that Messier is beginning to show wear and tear already, forget any thought of Lindros going back to a role as a center. That would mean that Messier would have to be relegated to a 4th line role and as we have seen for the last month and a half, Jackass is not ready to have Messier be a 4th liner.

"Also I think Simon could use a little healthy scratching cause it seems he took his game and hitting down a few notches lately. "

Yeah, but that Hlavac guy has really been tearing it up.

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