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Originally Posted by harlan78 View Post
Why, because people on HF boards assume that teams have in fact really offered the names being thrown around by their teams?

All the teams have untouchables in the eyes of their fans and more importantly management.

How do you know what value these players have? You don't.

I may be a Detroit Native, but I am a hockey fan first and how some of you speak is comical.

Do I think it's a good trade for the jackets? NO.

But some of you think you're rel GM's and just because it works in EA NHL games you assume you know how trades work.

You're not a scout, but clearly you know all the value.

But clearly like you say: if that's the asking price for Nash he would've been dealt a dozen times already.

or.. wait.. no he wouldn't have been because maybe just maybe there hasn't been legit offers and BPO is what it's going to come down to.

Enjoy NHL 13 GM connected as you know all the value of players..
Actually, my point wasn't to belittle the value but instead to suggest that's not what Howson will accept. If it were, then Nash would have been traded a half dozen times already.

What Howson wants is the type of package New York or Philly or San Jose COULD offer (in the abstract). What Howson is getting are offers along the lines of what you suggested.

The second Howson lowers his price, he'll have an offer from New York, Philly, San Jose, and probably every other team on the Nash 'I'll accept a trade' list of comparable value to what you suggested from Detroit.

So, how precisely does that belittle the value of the offer you suggested?

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