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12-02-2003, 03:46 AM
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This team absolutely NEEDS Eric at center ice....

enough with this BS about putting him on the RW and especially on a line of finesse players such as Petr and Jan.At least with Holik's line they were a physically dominate line.

Bottom line is we aren't getting the most out of Eric when he's on the wing as oppossed to center and when he is on the wing it means we're a 3 line team as oppossed to a 4 line one so it really makes no sense over the coarse of the season.

And being that Slats is juggling the lines for tonight why not start trying to put together some lines that make sense at this point.

The Holik line obviously has clicked and will stay intact.

The Nedved line should remain with Petr and Jan and they should get another speedster/skill guy on the right and personally I'd put Lundmark there.

Since Simon apparently is getting moved off Mess' line why not put his big body with Lindros and give Eric somebody to work with on the boards and on the cycle?

And on RW on that line I'd try Carter again.

That leaves Mess with Barnaby and Ortmeyer which is still a very good line for even strenght with 2 high energy guys who take the body and dig pucks for Mess.Mark will still get his PK time(w/Ortmeyer) and will still see PP time on the Holik unit when AK slides up to the point.

These lines present the best balance and give us our best shot at success over the coarse of a long, grueling schedule and getting Eric back to center ice is a no bariner in my book.

Stop making things difficult Slats and do something that makes sense for a change.

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