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07-18-2012, 12:19 PM
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I'd be willing to bet Howson's already got an offer on the table that he feels is acceptable, but he simply has no reason to move Nash at the moment.

There's very little risk to waiting until Semin/Doan/Ryan sign with their teams. Undoubtedly, those that are in the bidding for Nash are also asking about the services of at least one of those other three. And if they miss out on the player they're chasing in those three, they'll likely up the offer for Nash to ensure that they grab the Top-6 winger they're looking for. Much in the same way that Parise signing brought more suitors for Nash.

Likewise, who those three sign with/are traded to will effect the offers made for Nash. If Doan stays in Phoenix, Semin signs with Pittsburgh and Ryan is traded to Philly, don't you think the Rangers will up their offer for Nash? Two of their division rivals grabbed #1 wingers and Sather has to ensure they keep up in the division race.

Nash won't be moved until those three (or at least, Doan and Semin) decide their own fate.

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