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Originally Posted by View Post
The only reason why I think the drills are "killing" him is based on his comments

"After 30 or 40 pucks I have to call it. All of my muscles are screaming at me, I'm light-headed, and darkness is creeping up on the sides of my vision"

"After about 10 shooters I couldn't drop into the butterfly or shuffle. Lightheaded, nauseous, muscles locking up... I still stood in front of the net for another few shooters in my stance. I could hardly stay up."

I don't know how you can read those comments and say that he shouldn't take a break.

That said I think every player should put on goalie gear just once and experience a goalie workout, putting aside facing shots. The workout is completely different than a player workout not even taking into consideration the extra gear that we wear. After that workout then get in net and face some shots.
Agreed. A few weeks ago our team played against a much better team. We lost 6-0 and i faced 49 shots. (If you count the shots that missed the net was probably closer to 60) We only play 44 min in a game.

It felt like sweat was gushing from every pore (even after i took my gear off). I had alot of the symptoms that the OP was experiencing.

For awhile i didn't think i could drive home so i took my time getting undressed and I had a Poweraid in my bag so after about 30 min or so I felt better.

When a goalie doesn't get a break, it goes usually goes downhill fast for him. Many forwards don't realize that a goaltender gets his breaks when the team is on offense. With the quick faceoffs now, the 20-30 seconds between draws feels like crumbs when your team can't get the puck out of the zone.

One thing I will say that the back soreness will go away with time. I always get a sore back in the first few practices at the beginning of the season because my muscles need to strengthen.

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