Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Your expectations on next season
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07-18-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Spinkis View Post
All about the Sens ofc.
  1. Will the Sens make the playoffs?
  2. If yes: Points and how deep will they go?
  3. Best rookie for the Sens and what are your expectations in points and play?
  4. Biggest surprise?
  5. Biggest bust/fail?
  6. Any awards?
1. Maybe - I think we will end up somewhere between 10-7, it will be close right to the end of the season.

2. Similar points to this year, same 1st round exit but we don't take our opponent to 7 games.

3. Silvferberg - 60 points

4. Spezza steps up and take the mantle from Alfy showing that he has what it takes to be a leader.

5. Zbad

6. Karlsson for Norris.

Final Thoughts: I feel like the team has not improved at all from last year, and if anything has slightly declined. We did not bring in anybody that is going to make us better, while depending on a lot of young talent to be quality NHL players.

I think we will see a small but noticeable decline in the play of Alfie and Gonchar, and they will not have the same kind of seasons they had this past year.

Spezza and Karlsson will be responsible for most the offense on this team, and when another team can effectively shut them down we will have a difficult time winning. The new young guys in the lineup are going to do well, but will need that year or two to become acclimated to the level of competition in the NHL.

I think Cowen improves dramatically from last season and by the end of the year we see a Karlsson/Cowen pairing that will be the future of our D for years to come.

The additions of Methot, Latendresse, and Lundin will not help push this team to a second round in the playoffs. However, the experience guys like Silvferberg and other rookies will get this year will prime us for a real legit run at the cup for the following years. Sadly, Murray did not do enough to give Alfie one more run at the Cup.

Obviously this is all speculation, we gotta let them play to see how it all unfolds.

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